Sawyer x Avery Inshave

This inshave was developed by George Sawyer and blacksmith, Lucian Avery, based off an antique inshave used by Dave Sawyer. A shorter distance from the cutting edge of the blade to your hand brings your knuckles closer to the seat, giving you better control and a smoother cut.

Price includes a sheath  and shipping.

Video tutorial on inshave sharpening available here

We were overwhelmed by the response last year, and are so glad to be able to offer more woodworkers the chance to experience this wonderful tool.

“It has worked far better than any inshave I have used”

“Thank you for your efforts in producing this tool and sharing its heritage with fellow wood workers”

“Received it today and it is beautiful!”

“I’m in love. It’s an extraordinary tool. Light, nimble and responsive.”


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