Hunter Lounge Chair

Designed by George Sawyer, the Hunter Lounge Chair features a hand-carved seat and traditional Windsor joinery with modern detailing and proportions.

Starts at $2800


   width               31″

   depth               23″

   height              30″

   seat width       26″

   seat depth       17″

   seat height      15″

All of our chairs are custom made and can be crafted to your height, color and design specifications.

We typically recommend milk paint finishes for our pieces – seen here. Custom Colors available upon request.

Local woods are typically harvested from within 25 miles of our shop and include: Maple, Ash, Cherry, Butternut, Oak and Pine. In a painted chair, different types of wood are selected for their best qualities for the chair part.

Why Handmade?

The experience of a handmade chair is something that can be hard to verbalize. The subtle differences and movement in our chairs make them feel alive. Hand-carved seats provide a deeper, more comfortable place to rest, and the flexible, shaved spindles invite you to lean back and feel the movement of the chair.

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